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Small Surdo, Caixa and Leader

I joined Street Heat in June 2014 after seeing the band play at the Tiverton Canal celebration, at which I was taken by the infectious rhythm. Previously, I have played the small surdo in a school samba band, and I wanted to take this a step further. I am a musical person; I am a grade 4 violinist and I am also graded on the piano and the bass guitar.

Before I joined Street Heat, I saw another samba band at a school music festival, many years ago. After seeing Street Heat perform with their outstanding costumes and energetic aura, I knew that this band was for me.

Street Heat has certainly encouraged me to try many new things. For example, I am now a leader of the band, I do a lot of fundraising work with Rotary and I am doing my gold Duke of Edinburgh award with samba being part of my skills section.

As for what is my favourite song – I love them all! With over 20 songs in the band’s repertoire, there are so many to choose from (especially with different patterns on the surdo and the caixa). Gigging is a great experience for me, no matter if we are performing under a gazebo in the pouring rain, doing thriving parades in towns, or on a stage in front of a good sized audience.

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“Awesome…the best I’ve seen…” “It is impossible not to feel the beat!” “Street Heat can make the winter become summer”


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