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Small Surdo and Tamborim

I joined Street Heat after seeing the band play at Time Piece in Exeter; it was such a great night that I just knew I somehow had to be involved  although I didn’t know their name or where they were from.

A few months later I worked temporarily in a rather posh accountancy firm in Exeter and started chatting to a guy who turned out to be the son of the new member’s secretary.  That was it…..I pestered him for months asking when the workshops would be.  Finally, I got the news that they were about to commence and before I started I confidently told my friend ‘it’ll be fine, after all, it’s not rocket science’.

Oh the irony….it’s not rocket science but learning the rhythms and the breaks was harder than I ever thought.  With lots of encouragement I began to improve and finally I even began to realise that I should try and hide my ‘rabbit in the headlights’ look when I had messed up in the front row of the tam section.  A very valuable lesson indeed.

I joined in 2004 and I still love being in the band.  I’ve made lots of friends and have treasured memories.  It’s great being part of a festival or carnival and picking up on the excitement from the crowds and the only downside; our image sometimes confuses people as we lurk dangerously between that of a bunch of Morris dancers and pasty sambistas.

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“Awesome…the best I’ve seen…” “It is impossible not to feel the beat!” “Street Heat can make the winter become summer”


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