Bringing the Sounds of Samba to the South West!



Street Heat Samba
This is basically Samba Batucada which we have developed into a piece on its own with every samba break we can learn thrown in. Our classic number.

Samba Harry
This is a great opening piece, loud and upbeat.

Samba Reggae

One of our most popular pieces. A common piece played by baterias across the world and our usual finale piece.

Samba Felix
Named after our esteemed teacher. One to grind your hips to!

Samba De Roda (means “in a round”)
This relates to the oldest and most African rhythms. Watch how the Tamborims and Repeniques and Caixas vie for attention at the front.

Carnival Samba
Basic Batucada – played by the Rio Samba Schools.


An extension of Carnival which splits carnival into different tempos.

A furious piece that will have you stamping and shouting for more.

Based on a Batucada taught to us by a Brazilian Maestro. This has been renamed after a beloved member of the band died from cancer. May Tony Baker live on through this rhythm.

As it sounds, loud and exciting. Composed by a past maestro – James.

It really feels like it too. Listen out for the unusual sounds and mix of percussion. A London School of Samba piece we learned for Notting Hill Carnival.

Our own fond piece, often used as a starter to get you all moving.

Sparkling piece with melodic overtones. Named after a town in the mountains of Minas Gerais state, north of Rio de Janeiro.

Ollie Funk
A piece brought to the band by Ollie Gibbs with a really catchy surdo line.

This piece was learnt in 2012 and named ‘Flame’ as a tribute to the London Olympics.


Developed by the band members, Amazon is a spirited and melodic piece.  The introduction is unusual as it starts with the agogo bells and chocalhos who burst out from the band to have some fun interacting with the audience.

Samba Son

Devised by one of our own (Pete), this piece combines some of our most loved breaks into a syncopated rhythm.

“Awesome…the best I’ve seen…” “It is impossible not to feel the beat!” “Street Heat can make the winter become summer”