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Child Protection Policy & Guidelines

Street Heat Community Carnival Samba Association (the Association) fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection.  It is impossible to ensure that no minor ever comes to any harm whilst taking part in Street Heat.  However implementing this policy and following the guidelines will enable all Association members to participate in practices and gigs with under-18’s, confident that they have taken all reasonable precautions to prevent harm occurring while being prepared to deal with an incident should it occur.

It is expected that Association members apply this policy to all aspects of Street Heat membership when children and young people under the age of 18 years are present.  They should apply similar safeguards when dealing with vulnerable people of all ages.


This policy aims to:

  • establish and maintain a safe environment where children, young and/or vulnerable people feel safe, secure, respected, are able to participate and know how to approach adults if they are in difficulties
  • expect the highest possible standards in behaviour of all Street Heat members
  • take all reasonable steps in relation to the safety and welfare of the children with whom we come into contact in relation to all aspects of Street Heat’s gigs and rehearsals
  • ensure that the Association will follow the procedures set out by the Local Safeguarding Children Board and take account of guidance issued by the Department for Education to:


  1. ensure there is a named child protection officer who has received appropriate training and support for this role
  2. ensure every member knows the name of the designated child protection officer and their role
  3. ensure that there is a designated person to act in the absence of the nominated child protection officer who has also received appropriate training for the role.  This deputy should also have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.
  4. ensure all members understand their responsibilities in being alert to the signs of abuse and responsibility for referring any concerns to the named person responsible for child protection
  5. keep written records of concerns about children, even where there is no need to refer the matter immediately
  6. ensure all records are kept securely and in locked locations
  7. develop and then follow procedures where an allegation is made against an Association member.


This policy has been designed to protect not only the under-18’s in the band, but also all members who have a responsibility for them; to ensure a safeguarding culture in the band.


Child Protection Officer’s role and duties

Street Heat has a named child protection officer who has had an enhanced DBS check.  The officer is responsible for dealing with the Association’s child protection issues and for dealing with allegations or suspicions of abuse.  All members are to be made aware of this role and the person responsible for this role through the membership pack, meetings and newsletters.


The role of the named person is to:

  • ensure members are made aware of the child protection policy and update it annually
  • ensure that members are made aware of child protection guidelines specific to Street Heat and ensure that they are adhered to
  • carry out risk assessments for gigs and rehearsals for under-18 year olds
  • receive information from members who have child protection concerns and record it
  • assess the information promptly and carefully, clarifying or obtaining more information about the matter as appropriate
  • consult initially with a child protection agency to test out any doubt or uncertainty about the concerns
  • make a formal referral to a statutory child protection agency or police.


It is not their role to decide whether a child has been abused or not.


Code of Behaviour for Band members:

All members are expected to:

  • treat all children and young people with respect
  • take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of any child in contact with Street Heat
  • provide an example of good conduct that you wish others to follow
  • ensure that there is more than one adult present during activities with under-18’s or, at the very least, you are within sight of others
  • no child should be left in a situation of being ‘one-to-one’ with an adult who has not been DBS checked
  • be aware that any physical contact with a child or young person may be misinterpreted
  • be aware of child protection issues in relation to Street Heat gigs, residential trips and rehearsals and do not become complacent and believe ‘it could never happen to me’
  • prevent any other band members from putting any child in a situation in which there is a significant risk to their health and safety.  Take appropriate action if you become aware of anyone physically, emotionally or sexually abusing a child
  • report any evidence or reasonable suspicion that a child has been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, whether by an adult or another child, to the Association’s appointed Child Protection Officer or Deputy
  • not physically, emotionally or sexually abuse any child or young or vulnerable person.

Specific Band Child Protection Protocols:

To safeguard under-18’s and adult members, the following protocols need to be followed during band practice, rehearsals and residential trips (in addition to those outlined in our child protection policy and the roles of the Child Protection Officer):


Parental consent forms:

For all members under the age of 18, their parents/guardians will need to provide a signed consent form which confirms that they have read and are happy with our child protection policy and protocols.  This consent form should also make parents/ guardians aware of the types of language and behaviour that their children might hear during rehearsals.  The Association must only accept under-18’s that have had signed parental consent forms, saying that they are happy for them to be exposed to this.


Age limits:

This policy applies to all young people under the age of 18.  All children under the age of 16 will require a parent or guardian to accompany them to all gigs and rehearsals.  If this is not possible, it may be possible to nominate an individual member to be ‘in loco parentis’ during a gig or rehearsal.  Each individual will require an additional DBS check, as they will have the responsibility for supervising the young person.



The Association must gain written permission for photos (from parent/guardian), before they are used for any publicity.



Association members should avoid giving lifts to members who are under-18 on a ‘one-to-one’ basis.  Members should aim to ensure that there are at least two adults in the car for all lifts to and from gigs/practices.  Where an adult is responsible for transporting a child or children/young people to gigs, if they have regular or unsupervised access to these young people, then it is recommended that the person is DBS checked.

Members who transport young people are responsible for their health and safety, to maintain adequate insurance cover and to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy and has a current MOT certificate.



No child or young person should share a dressing room with an adult or with a child of the opposite sex.  Each child must be accompanied to and from gigs by a responsible adult, preferably his or her parent.


Residential gigs:

In addition to the guidelines already outlined in this document, for residential gigs the following additional points must be adhered to:

  • each child taking part on a residential gig must be accompanied by their own parent/guardian.  (The only alternative to this is to have the whole Association DBS checked)
  • separate sleeping and changing facilities must be provided children
  • if the accompanying parent/guardian is not an Association member, then it is up to the discretion of the band leader to decide what role they play during the gig (ie, carry banner, CD’s, play shaker, etc).
  • a risk assessment must be carried out for each child regarding the accommodation, transportation and all other aspects of the residential by the Child Protection Officer/Deputy.


Contact information:

Contact addresses and telephone numbers of under-18’s should not be circulated within the Association without parental consent.  As an alternative, a parent/guardian’s mobile phone number should be provided.

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