Bringing the Sounds of Samba to the South West!


Pete J

Caixa & Small surdo

I had played African drums for some years when I saw a samba band (not Street-heat!) at Sidmouth Folk Week. I loved the energy and interweaving rhythms and decided this was for me. They told me about Street-heat being the well-known local band, and I tracked them down. Little did I know it would become such a big part of my life.
Unlike the band I had seen, Street-heat also combine choreography and carnival costume.
I chose to play small surdo from the outset as its big enough to hit really hard (and I do!) but small enough to fit in the car. We play so many rhythms and breaks and newly invented pieces and, despite joining in 2006, its still a challenge. But where else in life can you be part of something where people come up afterwards and tell you you are ‘awesome’. I love to play ‘Jungle’ as it features the small surdos and has a mad beat, especially at the end.

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“Awesome…the best I’ve seen…” “It is impossible not to feel the beat!” “Street Heat can make the winter become summer”


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