Bringing the Sounds of Samba to the South West!


All of our recorded tracks are on Soundcloud and can be accessed using the following link – https://soundcloud.com/street-heat-1/tracks 

Carnival Samba 

This is the basic batucada (drum samba) that Rio’s samba schools play when parading.

Samba De Roda

Means ‘ samba in a round’ – originally a dance and song performed in a circle with (‘de Hoja’) soloists taking turns in the middle singing verses with the rest as chorus in ‘call and answer’ mode.  This is apparently one of the oldest and most African forms of samba. A good pace lifter.


Named after the English guy, now resident in Brazil, who taught it to us in 2000.  A slow and ‘sexy’ piece.


One of our earliest creations and our standard opener/warm-up number.

Street Heat Samba 

Our version, is an extended break from samba batucada (see Carnival Samba) which we have developed into a piece on its own with every samba break we can learn thrown in.


A creation by James Knight for the club scene.


Another piece from Felix, very lyrical, it almost has a melody.  Named after a town in the mountains of Minas Gerais state, north of Rio de Janeiro.


Devised by Hugh Glanfield and designed for the dance crowd.


One of our most popular pieces. A common piece played by baterias across the world and our usual finale piece.


Another number devised by Neil and based on a batucada taught us by a mestre (formerly called Esteves in 1999, we think.  Got a first outing in Nice, February 2000 and renamed in Barracuda): in honour of Tony Baker.


An extension of Carnival which splits carnival into different tempos and gives the caixas a bit of a break!


We don’t know what the origins of this rhythm are. ‘Harry’ is a good opener, because it’s loud, up-beat and in-your-face.


‘Borrowed’ from the London School of Samba, it was one of the pieces we learned for Notting Hill Carnival in 1996.

Ollie Funk

Borrowed, from a number learned at Megavissey in 2005.  Our main ‘crowd teaser’ with its false stops and starts, which also fool the players


A newer piece developed and devised by Dan Hagan during the 2012 British Olympics.

“Awesome…the best I’ve seen…” “It is impossible not to feel the beat!” “Street Heat can make the winter become summer”