Bringing the Sounds of Samba to the South West!


Helen T


Hi, I am Helen (T) – I was very luckily introduced to Street Heat in Nov 2022 by my lovely neighbour Claire G, who has been a band member for many years. On a ‘girls’ evening she happened to mention a ‘Street Heat Workshop’ when she was telling us about the ‘gigs’ and of the fun they have. I willingly and excitedly went along and haven’t looked back since. Not being that ‘young’ I was a bit concerned, but happy to say it’s brilliant!! The first time I went I don’t think I stopped smiling! Am I musical – no – apart from the love of music and dancing of all types. I play the ‘Tam’ which means I can hopefully carry the beat, smile loads, move/dance a lot and enjoy the connection with the crowds when performing. As a lover of all things bright and glittery – this also fits that remit very well indeed! The group are ALL brilliant, like minded lovely people, want to bring joy to others, support events, raise awareness and have fun along the way! I have found my source of enjoyment, exercise, release and relaxation and fun! If you are considering joining – don’t hesitate! It is amazing!

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“Awesome…the best I’ve seen…” “It is impossible not to feel the beat!” “Street Heat can make the winter become summer”